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Cosmogenic exposure age dating

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Each nuclide is useful for dating some target minerals, but not for others, for various reasons.For example, Note: The actual cosmic radiation flux, and hence TCN production rate, varies with geomagnetic latitude and altitude.Concentrations of actual radionuclides may or may not have been increased; if they have, the term Technologically-Enhanced (TENORM) may be used.Long-lived radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium and potassium and any of their decay products, such as radium and radon are examples of NORM.However, certain work activities can give rise to significantly enhanced exposures that may need to be controlled by regulation.

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Both these techniques rely on uniformitarian assumptions and dating techniques.

Current stable versions: These reflect the calculation methods and calibration data described in a 2008 paper with numerous updates.

Use these unless you have a particular reason to use the developmental or archived versions.

This essay focuses on cosmogenic exposure dating, a method of dating rock surfaces which has been compared to using the redness of someone's skin in order to estimate the duration of exposure to sunlight (an analogy attributed to Edward Evenson; Gosse and Phillips, 2001).

Such analyses show that many landform surfaces have been exposed to cosmic radiation for at least 10Be).