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Hot-tempered journalist Maya Gallo got herself fired from yet another job when she made an anchorwoman cry on the air with some gag copy on the teleprompter. See full summary » Al Bundy is a misanthropic women's shoe salesman with a miserable life.

He hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is dysfunctional (especially with women), and his daughter is dim-witted and promiscuous.

The first season focused on Paul being left in charge of the kids after Cate takes a full-time job as a nurse, with comedic emphasis on his often strict rules concerning his daughters and dating.

parents) already know -- paying attention to your kids matters.

And dads need to be just as attentive and loving as moms if they want to grow healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Adolescence can be a difficult time for fathers and daughters.

As little girls grow into young women, it can be hard for dads to figure where, and how, they fit in. Jerry Bubrick, director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute. But, as girls grow up and start seeking more independence, our job shifts, says Dr. “Instead of making decisions for them, we want to guide them in making smart decisions for themselves.” “It’s natural to want to keep your daughter safe,” says Dr.