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Updating windows media player library

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It used to be that WMP12 would update the mp3 music folders to where the folder contents would read as follows: 01 'Track Name' 02 'Track Name' 03 'Track Name' and so on... WMP will not update my media library files, although it says it does.

I have cleared the cache, cleared all files, and have completely removed all 9000 plus songs and have them reloaded.

Click Add in the Music Library Locations dialog box. Click the folder you would like to Add and click Include Folder. Check which folders are currently in the Library by the same method described above. Move a file or files to the desired folders to organize your files. Windows Media Player will automatically update the Library with any files added to any folders included in the Library.

Referenced from: Microsoft GROK is a resource of Louisiana State University developed and maintained with support of the LSU Student Technology Fee.

I added a new folder under the "Libraries" and linked it with source audio file(mp3) folder.

Any help would be great Thanks You should be able to manage your folders under the "organize" tab and make sure your Media Player is set to auto-refresh.

Cheers, Tara I added to albums from my flash drive to there artist folders on the server.

The first album was found correctly and is found in the library. I can browse to the missing album and play it but it isn't in the library with the rest of the artists music. The album did come in at first but was missing 3 songs.

As the player uses heavy system resources for that, it gets slowed down constantly.

I am having an issue getting media player 12 to update my library of music.