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“I’d never had a director say that to me before but it actually made me happy,” she says, outlining her many reasons for not wanting to take centre stage in , a poignant drama about Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America.
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If the shore is conscious self-questioning created out of constant self-doubt, we are a couple miles off the shore from that on this record.

It must be hard to make a third record without repeating yourself but still capitalizing on what was successful on previous albums. Yeah, but it’s the same challenge of taking a girl out on a third date.

They look more like the sort of nice but slightly geeky guys you'd find roaming the aisles at PC World than members of one of America's hottest bands.

Lead singer Isaac Slade does, it is true, resemble a musician, but that musician is Jimmy Somerville of The Communards.

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The first and second records were good, but they were 100 percent honest maybe about 75 percent of the time.The timing is a good sign, however, for Oregon, as Slade-Matautia is coming off a recent official visit to Eugene. "The new staff there will do great things for the Oregon football program." Since the hiring of Taggart, the Ducks have landed five commitments, including Scott, a 345-pound defensive tackle, and Under Armour All-American cornerback Thomas Graham Jr.Adding a linebacker into the fold remains a top priority.We talked to Fray frontman Isaac Slade about his formative days studying songwriting at the University of Colorado, the inspiration behind the band’s latest single, and dealing with the critics.Did you approach the songwriting on .] Time will tell if that was a bad idea, but our producer and our A&R guy both worked to push us out to sea a little bit.Isaac, 27, and his wife, Anna, have been married for three years and the singer admits that his touring schedule often puts a strain on their relationship. 'Bruce was nice enough to come over and chat, so I asked him for some marriage advice.