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Before I married my argentine wife when i was single I dated a beautiful Chilean girl, and a few times she bought me ice-cream but usually I paid.Generally, I would say though that the Chilean woman is much more traditional and conservative than an american women.6 things I have learnt being married to a Chilean So, you think you have been in Chile long enough to know the culture quite well?

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Yes, I will also include the “Don’t try this at home!” warning in case someone wants to rush off to the church and then finds out it didn’t happen the same way.Being from different cultures and speaking different languages, we have learnt a lot from each other.I thought I’d write a list of a few things I have learnt being married to my Chilean wife (however some of the points had to be deleted since they couldn’t actually be said in public but that’s another story…).Note: Some of these points are not necessarily restrictive to being married to a Chilean and may also be different from being married to YOUR Chilean.