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The world can seem like a pretty big place, especially if you're looking for more than a casual relationship.
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Sexting (or "sex texting") is the sending or receiving of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive images, messages, or video via a cellphone or the Internet.

Examples of sexting include sending: Many girls sext as a joke, as a way of getting attention, or because of "pressure from guys." Guys sometimes blame "pressure from friends." But for some, it's almost become normal behavior, a way of flirting, being seen as cool, or becoming popular.

Being angry in an instant — or being overly nice — is a red flag.

There's no real reason for him to leave, so he has to create one.

We've all heard the "he blames you for cheating" and "his cell phone has a password on it" behaviors of cheating men, but those are the obvious shifts.

Then, his cell phone rings in the middle of the night and he doesn't have a good explanation.

differently, but you just can't put your finger on why.

After interviewing 50 cheating men (and a number of their wives/ex-wives), there are several subtle changes that often take place that women are usually unaware of until it's too late.

This type of sharing, known as "sexting," has the potential to haunt a teen for the rest of his or her life.

Choose a counselor that will keep you pointed vertically and that will use Scripture to teach, comfort, and guide you through this difficult time in your marriage.

As each of you focus on your own growth and sanctification, in time you will unify into that three-fold cord that is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes ). Model the grace and mercy that God the Father so graciously bestows on each of us when we sin and repent.

Here are the top 10 tell-tale signs to watch for in your man:1. After spending time with someone for a number of months (or even years), you know their typical behavior.

You know how they act in certain situations, and when they act differently you want an explanation — if not cheating, then something else real and tangible.