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For more information visit the California Department of Industrial Relations website.An employer may pay wages by direct deposit, so long as the employee has voluntarily consented to the deposit and the wages are deposited into a financial institution of the employee’s choosing.The employer may take no longer than 1 pay period to implement the change after receiving the employee’s request and the necessary information.Any election to receive pay via direct deposit or a payroll debit card must be made freely, without intimidation, coercion or fear of discharge or other reprisal.

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For years, Michigan employers hoping to do away with traditional paper paychecks have asked whether they could require employees to receive their pay via direct deposit or payroll debit cards and for years, the answer was "no." That changed on December 21, 2010, when the State of Michigan adopted modifications to the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act.

Now, although employers still may not mandate direct deposit for all employees, they can require their employees to accept either direct deposit or to receive their pay on a payroll debit card if certain notices and protections are provided.

An employer must comply with CA Labor Code Section 226(a) relating to total hours worked by the employee if the overtime hours are recorded as a correction on the itemized statement for the next regular pay period and include the dates of the pay period for which the correction is being made.

CA Labor Code Section 204(b)(2) Some exceptions apply to these requirements.