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Although maybe our inordinately long disclaimer/author's notes were so cool you just want to review them. Chapter 1: Getting the Girl It started innocently enough. After the fight to pull out Konan's chair for her (Pein won), the criminals went to the kitchen to make Konan's breakfast.///The male Akatsuki member stood before Konan, each clutching a heaping tray of food. She chewed, made an expression of extreme distaste and spat the mess onto the unfortunate puppet master's cloak."That was revolting! She snatched up a knife and fork and began to saw off a piece of meat."Hey! "That's where the f***ing milkman went, you f***er! "Konan froze in horror, the loaded fork almost at her mouth.

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The old ho scolded him for boozing, but it angered him even more.

He jumped onto the bed and started ripping her clothes off.